October 22, 2011

Discover the Fun Times Again

Dating is fun. It’s a time when a couple gets a chance to discover what they like and don’t like about each other, then based on information collected and feelings that develop, a conscious decision is made to move forward towards a meaningful relationship that might include marriage or maybe you just decide to part ways after all. An over simplification of the process, maybe, but that’s what it comes down to; a ‘weighing of the scales’ so to speak to decide if this person has what you to want.

So during the dating and newlywed years, most couples spend time together doing joint activities that one might not be totally enthusiastic about, but goes along with anyway because it’s another opportunity to make memories based on a shared experience. However, sometimes during the marriage, life bogs you down, you get into your old routine and many times this includes times of separation under your own roof starting with conversations like, “hey, I’m going to watch to the Floyd Mayweather fight in ‘my room’ while you watch Private Practice or something.” Marriages don’t start that way but after many years believe me - it just happens.

Moreover, in a recession, sometimes that ‘disposable income’ is disposed of and you find yourselves lucky to be able to pay that hefty cable bill – if for anything the movie channels alone. While this can be distressing, it can be a disguised blessing - an opportunity to do some of the things you did when you were dating or during those newlywed years. In addition, you might find that after years of marriage, you actually like boxing or Private Practice isn’t as cheesy as you thought. Let’s face it, you both have matured and have different views now based on experiences over the years. So use these economically stressful times to come together more and partake in some of those activities that, like during the dating years you may not have been enthusiastic about but you did them just for the memories and the opportunity to spend time together. After all, who knows, you might actually like some of those things you never thought you would even if you’d never admit it! Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below.

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